To proceed with your GTE Assessment after receiving a Conditional Letter of Offer you must book a GTE Interview with one of our Student Services Officers. To book an interview please follow the instructions below.

Please note that all interviews will be recorded and must be completed by the student only. Interviews will take approximately 20 minutes.


Step 1

Click on the booking link included in your Conditional Letter of Offer.

Please note that the link you receive is unique to you. If you need to make any changes to your interview time you can use that link again to reschedule the booking.


Step 2

You will be directed to the online booking platform. You can select any available time that suits you.

Please note that any current bookings in green mean the time is unavailable. You will need to book the interview in one of the white cells.


Step 3

A popup will appear, requesting information regarding the interview.

  • Title: enter the name of the student e.g. “John Smith – Interview”
  • Student name and number: enter the name of the student, and the student number that has been assigned to them (stated on their Conditional Letter of Offer). E.g. "John Smith 2918234"
  • Agent name and email address (if applicable): Enter your agent's name and email address if you have one. If you don’t have an agent please type N/A.
  • Notes regarding the interview: add any notes you feel are necessary


Step 4

The time you have chosen is now booked.

Please email our Admissions team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and provide details of your interview booking and attach all conditional documents (including financial evidence) so the GTE assessment can progress.

We will not commence GTE assessment until an interview time has been booked. Please note the interview is only one part of the GTE assessment and you can provide conditional documents before the interview has been conducted, as long as an interview time has been booked.


Step 5

To access the interview at the booked interview time please click on this link:

Please note that interviews are conducted online using our web conferencing software, Blackboard Ultra. You will need access to a PC or laptop with a strong internet connection. You will also need a headset with a microphone, and a webcam. We must be able to see and hear you for the interview to proceed. Please note that you cannot access the interview using a mobile phone.



The Teamup link you recieve is unique to yourself. If you need to go back and reschedule your interview time, you can use that link again to move the booking.


Contact Us

If you have any further issues with booking a time for the interview, then please get in touch with our Student Service Officer Miriam: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.